Center Fork Deflector- fits Victory XC with ABS only


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Center Fork Deflector- fits Victory XC without ABS only

Fits – Victory XC with ABS, Magnum, XR Classic with ABS- and stock triple trees only.  Does not fit bikes listed with fork rake kit or XR without ABS.

XC with ABS, Magnum, XR Classic with ABS- and fork rake kit


The center fork deflector works by redirecting a primary source of wind buffeting from underneath, and does so without increasing the frontal surface area which can increase aerodynamic drag.  Drag can cause airflow separation also known as turbulence. The middle of the deflector directs airflow downward, preventing this portion of the air from contributing to helmet buffeting. The airflow near the sides of the deflector travels slower which creates a higher pressure relative to the middle. Since this higher pressure along the sides is behind and inline with the forks, this higher pressure helps prevent the air passing around the outside of the forks from turning inward to fill the low pressure void formed as the front of the motorcycle splits the airstream. This dynamic effect, in regards helmet buffeting, is like having narrow fork deflectors.  It all works without increasing pressure drag any appreciable amount.  How the center fork deflector differs from traditional fork-mounted wind deflectors is that it uses the airflow to reduce helmet buffeting rather than fighting the air by pushing it further outward.

There are two questions that eventually come up regarding the center fork deflector. Hopefully I can answer them satisfactorily for you now.

1) Does the deflector block intake flow? The answer is no.  Airflow below the fairing is not the primary air supply to the intake.  The primary source is atmospheric pressure with airflow routed from under the rear and sides of the gas tank.  However, airflow modeling suggests that, versus stock, the pressure differential created by the center fork deflector may be beneficial for intake flow although this is more likely at speeds near or in excess of the bike’s maximum capabilities

2) Does the deflector negatively impact engine cooling?  Extensive research has not shown any appreciable engine or oil cooling deficiencies from altering the normally turbulent air between the forks by smoothing the flow with a center fork deflector.

Appearance and Painting– The TTD arrives with a gloss black top surface and a textured surface on the bottom.  This textured bottom surface helps promote an early turbulent boundary layer.  If a color other than black is desired, borh surfaces take paint well. To paint, clean with 91% rubbing alcohol and apply a plastic adhesion promoter prior to paint. Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations when painting.

Installation–  Copy and paste this link in your browser or in YouTube to watch the installation video:    

Tools required are an Allen wrench and scissors/wire cutters.  Supplies recommended are Locktite, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol and pencil.


CNC Machined  (ISO 9001 Certified), Matched Die Molded


Material: Plastic Alloy (Flame retardant, with excellent impact, wear, chemical and UV resistance)

Estimated Install Time: (7 Minutes)


Instructions Included.

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Weight 1 lbs

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