DRIVING LIGHT WIRING KIT an easy solution for connecting driving or fog lights that do not come with a wire harness by offering their wire harness kit without lights.

This Universal Wire Harness comes with two illuminated rocker switches allowing you to choose from either the rectangular ½’’ x ¾’’ cut out switch or 7/8’’ round switch.

The rectangular switch will fit in the dash on a Victory Cross Country.

The round rocker switch can be drilled and flush mounted in a side cover or engine block off pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Some customers also have purchased our handlebar mounted toggle switch in conjunction with this wiring kit for their application.

Driving Light wire harnesses are known for providing protection to the vehicle’s electrical circuit by including a separately fused power source and isolation relay, making this wire harness kit truly separate from the vehicles electrical system.

DRIVING LIGHT WIRING KIT, With Relay & 2 Switches, 12 Volt Universal Application


Additional information

Weight .20 lbs

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