Victory Bluetooth Coolstream Duo receiver


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Victory  Bluetooth Coolstream Duo receiver

Technical Specifications – CoolStream Duo.  Bluetooth Music Receiver, Model BTR102

  • Bluetooth receiver with 30 pin connector. Plugs into iPhone or iPad docking stations or car iPhone/iPod cable.
  • 3.5mm auxiliary line out jack connects to home and car audio equipment. 3.5mm auxiliary cable included with CoolStream Duo.
  • Pairs with all iPhone models, iPads, Android phones and any other Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Supports Bluetooth music streaming from mobile device to docking stations, home stereos, boomboxes or car speakers.
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for true stereo sound.
  • Multipoint Technology for pairing 2 devices simultaneously.
  • No Pin Pairing and Auto Power On.
  • Maximum Bluetooth Range is 30 feet.
  • Automatically detects 5V (home) or 12V (car) Power Supply.
  • To achieve best quality sound, mobile device should be at maximum volume.
  • AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) not supported.
  • Not compatible with car entertainment system’s command and control functions (ie steering wheel volume control).
  • Does not support handsfree calling.

The CoolStream Duo now supports Multipoint Technology.

You can connect 2 mobile devices (ie your iPhone and your iPad) to the CoolStream Duo simultaneously!  Now you can have “Duo DJs” alternating between the music on each device.  Enjoy your music collection on your iPhone as well as Pandora on your friend’s iPad.

CoolStream Duo features two options to plug into your home or car stereo systems.

  • 30 pin Connector  – Plugs into the old connector of iPhone docking stations including all Bose SoundDock models, Apple HiFi Dock and iHome clock radio iPhone docks.  Check out our Testing Results with Docking Stations for compatible iPhone docks.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Get 5 hours of music streaming with the CoolStream Duo’s rechargeable battery.

The CoolStream Duo is the Bluetooth music receiver with the extra features that make it really cool.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 for No Pin Pairing and Automatic Power On
  • Operates with both 5V and 12V power sources.  Compatible with first generation Bose SoundDock and Apple HiFi Dock as well as some car iPod cables.

Road Iron Magazine has reviewed the CoolStream Duo as a Victory Cross Country Bluetooth solution for connecting your iPhone or Android to the motorcycle audio system.

The 2015 Victory Cross Country comes with a 30-pin iPod audio cable instead of a lightning connector.  Owners of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or Android phones will be challenged to use this cable for connecting to the Victory’s stereo system.  Road Iron tested the CoolStream Duo as a Bluetooth solution to this problem.

Kit Maira, who reviewed the CoolStream Duo for Road Iron, was excited to test the CoolStream Bluetooth adapter since it would work with both iPhones and Droid phones.  He found the CoolStream Duo to be a reasonably priced device for streaming music and audio (such as from a GPS) through the audio system of the Victory via Bluetooth from the phone, iPhone or Droid.

The Road Iron review also noted that “connecting the phone to the CoolStream Duo couldn’t be easier”.

  1. Plug the CoolStream Duo into the 30-pin iPod cable.
  2. Start the bike and the CoolStream powers on automatically.
  3. On the iPhone go to Settings -> Bluetooth.
  4. Tap CoolStream Duo to pair.
  5. Play music.  It will stream directly to the Victory’s stereo.

Victory Cross Country Bluetooth Coolstream Duo receiver