White LED Bullet Driving Lights – Black, Chrome – Bolt Mount




White LED Bullet Driving Lights – Black, Chrome – Bolt Mount

Includes 2 Ultra Bright LED Bullet lights 2 bolts with lock washers for mounting.

28 Dual Intensity, Ultra Bright LEDs Can be operated in low or high intensity brightness.

Bullets meant to be used on the front of your motorcycle as auxiliary driving lights.


  • Dual Intensity
  • Ultra Bright LEDs
  • Marine Grade Chrome Plating
  • Low Power requirements
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Increased Visibility

Installation & Wiring

Bullet Lights can be used as turn signals and running lights.

Most commonly installed onto fork clamps (sold separately) or replace handle bar mounted turn signal. You can use these with almost any light mounts we offer.

They are pre-wired with a three conductor jacketed wire (violet, blue, black). These lights are manufactured to meet DOT specifications for motorcycle turn signal lighting.

When mounting, Be sure to face the small ‘weephole’ pointing downward to allow proper drainage of any moisture; The bullet lights have the ‘weephole’ on the bottom of the bullet, so proper orientation is key.

Violet – High Intensity (Brake Light)
Blue – Low Intensity (Running Light)
Black – Ground

Note: When Installing our White LED Bullet lights as driving lights on the front of your motorcycle, you may not need to utilize the dual intensity function.

To achieve greater visibility by adding additional driving lights, use of the Blue (Low Intensity) Wire is not necessary.

These bullet lights are not to be used in place of a headlight, as they do not meet DOT specifications.


Part Number: 02425
Number of Products: 2 Bullet Lights (One Pair)
Weight: 3lb
System Requirement: 12VDC
Attachment Method: Included Mounting Hardware
Diameter (in): 2.25″
Length (in): 3.33″
Wire Length: 32″-36″
Wire: 22AWG
Power Draw: 250ma
LED Color: White
Lens Color: Clear ‘Euro’
Material: Finished Zinc
Package Contents: (2) 5/16″ Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts and Lock Washers
Color / Finish: Gloss Black Powder Coating or Triple Chrome
Hardware Included: Yes

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White LED Bullet Driving Lights - Black, Chrome - Bolt Mount

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White LED Bullet Driving Lights – Black, Chrome – Bolt Mount

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