Daily I get calls or questions about Victory Pipes or exhaust and what to do for better performance. There are some guys who say. “I Just took the mufflers off and gutted them” “That is all you need.” “Who needs to spend the extra money on pipes? Ill spend it somewhere else” I have never liked the sound with no baffles, but more importantly. That way hurts your low end power Where we ride most of the time.
This Dyno is a bike that came in with empty cans gutted to compare. It also has Lloydz LSC cams, filter, and Techno Research Maximus tuner. The only difference is Kevin at Southern Motorworkz swapped to a proper set of exhaust. Peaks are not to far off on max hp, but look at the curve; right in the most important torque curve where we ride mostly. Completely different machine and another happy Victory Motorcycle Rider!