Below is a link to a great Video but it basically shows a lady that said no way she could do it by herself so after shown how to put the bike on the center stand correctly it was easy as its the motion more than the strength. Its not easy to learn but once you get it your always want a bike that has one.

Great Video to see the motion done after coaching:

Instructions to get a Victory Motorcycle on a Center Stand

With it on the side stand, walk around to the left side of the bike.
CAREFULLY bring the bike to as close to vertical as you can, making sure to not get it past vertical point – motorcycles are easily dropped in the direction away from you.
Note: Your left hand will be on the left handlebar at this point, your right hand under the rear fender near the seat or Solo rack if you have one.

Be sure to have your front wheel facing forward at this point or it will be very difficult to get it up on the stand
While keeping the bike vertical, take the ball of your right foot and ease the stand down till it touches pavement or concrete, preferably. This can be done on firm grass or dirt, but is trickier.
Note: You will be able to rock the bike back and forth (just a little) with your foot on the tang or arm of the center stand and feel when both sides of the stand are down.
With your left hand on the left handlebar grip, grab the area of the fender and stand forcefully with your right foot onto the tang while pulling up forcefully with your right hand. Keep pulling and pushing in opposite directions till you feel the back end start to rise, and don’t stop with the force till it plops back onto the stand. You’re done.

I hope this helps.

If you need a Center Stand this is our link