Magnets by Dimple Extends Motor Life

Want to extend your engine life? The life of a motor on a car or motorcycle is the engine oil.

The oil filter magnets and oil drain plug magnets by Dimple are the strongest on the market & install in seconds which will make your motor last longer.

I have them on my Victory Motorcycles and also on my truck. You wouldn’t Believe what comes out when I change the oil on my Ford truck!

Order online or pick up locally at Owens Cycle Works Clinton Tn  865-264-4425

Here are a few details of the Super Black Hole Magnet Set:

“SUPER”Black Hole® 4 PACK, Engine oil filter enhancers.
When you receive your package of Super Black Holes…..Put them on immediately, no need to change the oil right away.
Let them clean out the oil and the case of metal particles.
So when you install the new drain plug and the fresh oil, they won’t be contaminated right away!

The whole sump goes through the filter every 2 minutes!
These Super Black Holes really get a work out.
But your oil is cleaned and Re cleaned every 2 minutes!

Magnets are installed on outside of oil filter so no need to clean them. Throw away the contaminants with the Oil Filter or cut the filter open to see how much they have collected.

Designed for Trucks and Cars so install a set on your vehicle also.

Our NEW “SUPER”Black Hole® oil filter magnets attach to the outside of the oil filter canister, radially every 90′ around the center of the oil filter body.

The oil enters the oil filter body from the outer diameter holes, when the oil flows through the oil filter every “SUPER” Black Hole® immediately comes into action to suck out each and every trace of ferrous metal particles out of the oil, before it even has a chance to hit the filter media!

This keeps the media clear of excessive particles and the filter will have more room to store other non ferrous junk.

When you change the oil filter at service time…..simply remove the 4 “SUPER” Black Holes® and put them on your new oil filter.

Our Dimple® Super Magnetic Drain Plugs work all the time, 24/7, they never shut off, quite amazing when you think about it!

Our Black Hole™ Oil Filter magnets, however, do your machine good when it’s running. When oil is passing through the oil filter, the Black Hole’s pluck any ferrous metal particles right out of the oil stream.

Our Dimple® oil filter magnets are called “SUPER” BLACK HOLES®

We purposely point the north pole of the magnet toward the oil in all our magnets.
We have special proprietary reasons for doing so.

Victory machine has only ONE drain plug for the wet sump which houses and lubricates the Engine, transmission and primary chain case……It is of the utmost importance to have a Dimple® M12X1.5X12R Super Magnetic Drain plug installed to pull out all the metal contaminants that the oil filter cannot get out! When you think about it, it is about the only thing you can do to Extend the like of your Victory Motorcycle. In Victory’s case…….One plug will do it all!

Drain Plug from a motorcycle with only 4,000 miles!

Made In the USA Video Below


Magnets by Dimple Extends Motor Life