How to order Victory brake line / cables

Changing out the handlebars on your motorcycle can be a great way to 
customize the bike to your liking. 
While some may think that it is just the simple task of clamping on a new 
set and hitting the road, there are some other things to consider as well. 
One of these considerations should be the motorcycle cable lengths and brake
line lengths. 
If you are changing the dimensions of the handlebars, more often than not, 
you will have to change the lengths of the cables and lines too. This is 
not as difficult of a task as it may seem. Here are some steps to follow 
before ordering your new cables and lines from brands like Magnum, 
Barnette and Motion Pro.

What you need to measure Cables

Thin gauge wire or string works as well.

Tape measure


To get the most accurate measurement, you will want to install your new handlebars

on the bike.
Run the wire in the desired path that you will want to run the cable.
Try to avoid running it against parts with paint or chrome and also hot areas.
You will also want to avoid sharp angles in the cable. For example, take the wire and

run it from the throttle housing on the handle bars to the carburetor or the throttle

The clutch cable and brake line can be measured similarly from their corresponding

connection points.
Measure the length of your stock cable. When doing this, only measure the length of the

housing; do not include the length of the free wire at each end.
Subtract the length of your stock cable from the new measurement that you have

made with the wire.
This will give you the + or – length that you will now need to order.
When ordering your cables or lines at Victory Only search by model and year of your

motorcycle and you will be given the correct fitment options for your bike.
Choose the lines and cables with the correct + or – length that you measured.
We stock a oem factory length cable or brake line and a plus 6 inch lines for most models.
If you need a special length built it averages 10 days for most orders but if a +6 will work

is speeds up the cable order.