Chest Harness JR Chesty GO PRO CAMERA

Designed for kids and adolescents, Junior Chesty is a smaller version of our adult-sized chest harness.

It’s perfect for aspiring young athletes, or capturing ultra immersive footage from your child’s point of view—from skiing and skateboarding, to soccer, football and family trips. Fully adjustable, Junior Chesty fits kids from 25 to 115 lbs (11 to 52 kg).

For ages 3 and up only.

Smaller version of our adult-sized chest harness

Allows kids and adolescents to capture footage from their point of view (ages 3+ only)

Enables aspiring young athletes to self-document their sport for recreation or training Athletes’ footage can be analyzed to critique form and technique

Captures more of your body and gear in the shot for an engaging perspective Delivers an ultra immersive, lower-than-the-helmet view of the action

Great for a variety of activities—from skiing, skateboarding and biking, to soccer, football and family trips

Fully adjustable to fit most kids up to 14 years old weighing 25 to 115 lbs (11 to 52 kg)

Warranty: 1 Year

Chest Harness JR Chesty GO PRO CAMERA Chest Harness JR Chesty GO PRO CAMERA


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Weight 1.0 lbs