Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar




Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar
LINDBY CUSTOM INC., brings you a highway bar designed for Victory Motorcycles.

The Custom designed Victory Crash Bar is a ground breaking accessory with procession to detail and quality chrome that will last years or riding

The best built American motorcycle with custom and fascinating designed accessories.

The Victory Motorcycle Highway bar offers creative engineering and excellence that will make you happy you chose The LINBAR

Custom highway bar for victory Motorcycles with the original patented combined engine guard and highway peg.

LINDBY CUSTOM INC offers  Highway Bar with

Combined engine guard and highway peg.


Triple chrome plated.

1 ¼ outside diameter

Easily installed with simple hand tools.

Comes with all necessary hardware and instructions.

O-rings are replaceable but made of a high quality neoprene and won’t dry rot, if you do need to replace one you just slide it over the lower bracket.

The unique fusion of creative engineering and excellence make us the proud manufacturer of The LINBAR, the original patented combined engine guard and highway peg.

Triple chrome plated.

Fits:  Boardwalk Hammer Cross Country Cross Roads Hardball High Ball Jackpot Judge Kingpin Vegas

Victory Cross Country,Cross Roads, Hardball, Magnum 2010- 2018

 INSTRUCTIONS  Pictured Below:

Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar

INSTRUCTIONS Pictured Below:

MULTIBAR – 13703: For Victory Kingpin, Vegas, Jackpot, 8 Ball, Hammer, Boardwalk, Judge, Highball, 2006-2018

Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar

702-1 – Front LINBAR for Victory Vegas & Kingpin 2003-2005 INSTRUCTIONS pictured below


701-1 – Front LINBAR for Victory Polaris 1998-2001 INSTRUCTIONS Pictured below

 v92c lindby bar victory motorcycle

2006 – 2018 Victory Hammer
2010 – 2018 Victory Hammer 8-Ball
2006 – 2018 Victory Jackpot
2006 – 2014 Victory Kingpin
2008 – 2014 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball
2006 – 2018 Victory Vegas
2006 – 2018 Victory Vegas 8-ball
2006 – 2018 Victory Vegas Jackpot
2004 – 2013 Victory Kingpin
2003 – 2018 Victory Vegas
1998 – 2001 Victory V92C
2010 – 2018 Victory Cross Country
2012 – 2018 Victory Boardwalk
2013 – 2018 Victory Judge
2013 – 2018 Victory Highball

2010- 2018 Hardball, Magnum

2010 to 2017 Victory Cross Roads

Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar Victory Only Motorcycle carries the largest stock of performance mods, upgrades, custom equipment gear & apparel, OEM replacement and aftermarket parts & accessories for Victory Motorcycles with international worldwide shipping to Canada, Uk, CZ, GB, Australia and anywhere a Vicory Motorcycle rider wants to do it yourself customizing of a show quality bike.

Front Linbar Multibar Highway Bar

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Weight 16.7 lbs

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