Gerbing Gyde 7V Heated Khione Women’s Puffer Jacket

Our Khione Insulated Heated Jacket provides ultimate warmth and comfort for any outdoor adventure. Three patented Microwire™ heating zones and a water-resistant, windproof shell keep the cold away and the elements at bay.
This powerful and stylish heated jacket is constructed with 200-fill synthetic down and is designed to be close fitting for added warmth. Includes a rechargeable 7V lithium-ion battery for hours of heat on-demand. Simply turn on this great heated jacket and experience warmth like never before.
Gerbing Gyde 7V Battery Heated Jackets & Vests Include :
7V 3400 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack (25.16Wh)
Wall Charger
Detailed Instructions
Gerbing Lifetime Warranty
Gerbing Gyde Khione Features:
Three Microwire heating zones: Chest (2) & back
200-fill synthetic insulation
135° F Maximum heat
Active heat retention technology
Heats for hours
Water and Wind Resistant
Comfortable & Stylish Fit
Durable ripstop fabric construction
Battery Integrated Temperature Controller
This garment is breathable, flexible, and more durable than other insulated garments on the market. The added durable water repellent finish enhances the performance of the garment in wet conditions. To enhance the warmth of the garment, the bonded lining provides added comfort and maximum heating performance and heat retention.

Battery has 4 heat-settings as indicated by lights and Heat Times:
100% (4 red/blue lights) – 2 Hours
75% (3 red/blue lights) – 3 Hours
50% (2 red/blue lights) – 5 Hours
25% (1 red/blue lights) – 8 Hours
Charging Battery:
We recommend charging overnight for first charge.
Charge 100% before use (a full charge takes about 3 hours).
A red light will appear on wall charger when charging.
The red light will change to green when charged.
Maintain at least 25% power when battery is not in use. This practice will prolong the life of any 7V battery.
How it Works:
Step 1: Power on by pressing and holding power button.
Step 2: To change temperature, press and hold power button until LED light reflects desired setting. *Power level setting can only be indicated when connected to garment.
Step 3: Check remaining battery life by disconnecting battery from product. Press and hold power button, LED indicator will show 1 to 4 lights.
LED lights to indicate remaining power will illuminate (4 lights is full power).
Turning on the Heat:
Step 1: Locate power pocket; it will be on the wearers left outer pocket.
Step 2: Open pocket and locate power plug.
Step 3: Turn on battery by holding power button until it lights up.
Step 4: Insert plug into battery port and push down to secure it in the plug holder. • Step 5: Push power button on battery to select the setting you would like.
Step 6: Place battery into pocket and close the pocket.



Gerbing Gyde 7V Heated Khione Women’s Puffer Jacket

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