Hitch for Victory Vision ABS Model


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Hitch for Victory Vision ABS Model


Hitch will fit all years and models of the Victory Vision that are ABS equipped except Arlen Ness models.

Black powder coated hitch and chrome mount with pin.

Includes stainless steel locking system with dust cover, complete hardware kit, and receiver lock.

The Electronic Relay Isolator Package with Universal Subharness not included with this hitch package but is highly recommended

Hitch for Victory Vision ABS Model


Pin Hitch for Victory Vision- Will Fit all Models that are ABS Equipped

Pin Hitch for Victory Vision- Will Fit all Models that are ABS Equipped

1 Left Side Arm Hardware Package Including:
1 Right Side Arm 4 8mm-1.25 x 30mm Hex Bolt
1 Center Section 2 8mm-1.25 x 35mm Hex Bolt
1 Strut Mount Plate 2 8mm-1.25 Nylock Nut
2 Struts 108 (flat) 4 ¼” Flat Washer
2 Short Support Struts 2 3/8”-16 x ¾” Hex Bolt Gr. 8
2 Z Tabs (flat stock with 90 degree 10 3/8”-16 x 1” Hex Bolt Gr. 8
tabs on each end) 2 3/8”-16 x 1 ¼” Hex Bolt Gr. 8
1 Vertical Receiver Hitch Head with 12 3/8”-16 Nylock Nut
EITHER 1 7/8 inch SS ball OR 1 85” Relay Power Wire Extension
Pin and Lock (16 Ga. Red and Black Wires)
1 Receiver Lock 1 Yellow Butt Connector
1 EC Electronic Relay Isolator 7 Blue Butt Connector
Package with Universal Subharness

Installation Instructions Victory Vision Motorcycles

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Hitch for Victory Vision ABS Model

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