Diamond Finish

Diamond Finish™ is the ultimate multi-surface cleaner, polish and protector. Diamond Finish™ is easy to use and effective at removing surface contaminants like dust, dirt, fingerprints, soap scum, grease and water spots while leaving a finish that seals and protects. Diamond Finish™ is environmentally and kills 99.95% of germs and bacteria when used as directed. Containing no ammonia, wax or harsh abrasives, Diamond Finish™ is safe on any nonporous surface such as motorcycles, automobiles, glass, mirrors, TVs, cell phones, computer screens, granite, chrome, appliances, stainless steel, enamel, tile, marble, musical instruments, boats, finished wood, counter-tops, plastic, Lexan, and painted surfaces. Whether in your home office or garage, Diamond Finish™ does it all.
– Easy One-Step Application
– Kills 99.95% of surface Germs and Bacteria
– Repels Water, Dust, Dirt and Fingerprints
– Seals and protects
– Environmentally Safe
– Premium microfiber polishing cloth included

Diamond Finish

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