Bullet Lights SMALL Curve Bezel Black or Chrome


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Bullet Lights SMALL Curve Bezel Black or Chrome
1 – ½ inch diameter Bullet Lights (Sold as a pair). measures about 4 inches to tip of Visor

These lights are CAD designed and then machined by a precision CNC lathe and mill. Completely concealed clean assembly, no screws are used to hold these together, super slick and clan custom look.

For use as a turn signal, driving lights, tail lights. Comes with 8mm hollow mounting bolt.

Warning: The bullet light mount stud is only torqued to 8ft. lbs. max.


 Here is a different mount and lights that work with this mount  Mount https://www.victoryonly.com/product/bullet-light-bracket-mount-black-or-chrome/ Light

Black / Chrome


Fits: All Victory Motorcycles. Vegas, Victory 8ball, Victory 8 Ball, Victory 8-Ball, Victory Jackpot, Victory Hammer, Victory Kingpin, Victory Cross Country, Victory Vision, Victory V92C, Classic, Victory V92SC, Victory Sport Cruiser, Victory V92TC, Victory Touring Cruiser, Victory Judge, Victory High Ball, Victory Hard Ball, Victory Cross Roads, Victory Boardwalk Victory Only Motorcycles carries the largest stock of custom and aftermarket parts & accessories for Hammer Jackpot Highball Judge Vegas Kingpin 8 Ball.

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