Tank Badge Victory Logo

This part is no longer available for the Right Side of the tank and what we show in stock is the last badges that are available new. Once they are gone we cant replace them.

Note the inventory Victory Only is showing is the last badges available. These as well as the others are no longer being made and Victory has deleted the part number now.

Victory Updated Color Tank badges off of a Victory Cross Country

Replace your tank badges with the new upgraded logo

Place on the window of your Vehicle and show your Victory Support.

Victory Motorcycle Tank Badge Left Side

Tank Badge Victory Logo New Design Logo Tank Badge Cross County Roads

New Design Logo Tank Badge Cross County Roads

For schematic location 9 only

This Accessory is Designed to Fit the Following: 2012 Hammer 8 Ball, 2012 Hammer 8 Ball, 2012 Kingpin –, 2012 Kingpin –, 2012 Vegas 8 Ball, 2012 Vegas 8 Ball, 2011 Hammer –, 2011 Hammer –, 2011 Kingpin –, 2011 Kingpin –, 2011 Vegas 8 Ball, 2011 Vegas 8 Ball, 2010 Hammer –, 2010 Hammer –, 2010 Kingpin –, 2010 Kingpin –, 2010 Vegas 8 Ball, 2010 Vegas 8 Ball, 2008 Hammer –, 2008 Hammer –, 2008 Kingpin 8 Ball, 2008 Kingpin 8 Ball, 2008 Vegas 8 Ball, 2008 Vegas 8 Ball, 2007 Hammer –, 2007 Jackpot Arlen Ness, 2007 Kingpin Tour, 2007 Vegas 8 Ball, 2006 Kingpin –, 2006 Vegas Jackpot, 2006 Hammer –, 2006 Vegas 8 Ball, 2005 Kingpin –, 2005 Hammer –, 2005 Vegas –, 2004 Kingpin –, 2004 Vegas –, 2003 Vegas —

We carry Genuine OEM Victory Motorcycle Parts for all Victory Motorcycle models including V92, Kingpin, Vegas, Gunner, Hammer,
Jackpot, High-Ball, Boardwalk, Cross Roads, Cross Country, Vision, Hard-Ball, and Judge.

New Design Logo Tank Badge Cross County Roads New Design Logo Tank Badge Cross County Roads


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Victory Motorcycle Gunner,Victory Motorcycle Kingpin, Victory Hammer, Ness Models,
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Victory Motorcycle V92Sc Sport Cruiser, Victory Motorcycle V92TC Touring Cruiser, Victory Hardball,
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Victory Motorcycle Custom Build Arlen & Corey Ness bikes. motorcycles with worldwide shipping to Canada, Uk,
Australia and anywhere a Victory Motorcycle rider wants to ride a show quality bike.

Tank Badge Victory Logo

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