Rear Shock Adjustment Tool

Rear Shock Adjustment Tool for Victory Motorcycles

  • Have the ability to adjust your rear shock on a Victory Motorcycle
  • Made of T-1 Hardened Steel
  • Rubber coated handle for better grip and leverage
  • Choose Black or Bright Nickle finish
Now you have the ability to adjust the rear shock pre load on your Victory Motorcycle.
When your rear shock is adjusted to the proper riding height you will have better handling and road control.
Riding 2-up and hearing that belt rub on the front sprocket cover?
It’s because the shock pre-load isn’t adjusted right for the weight.
Get the tool and never worry about that happening again.
Note Most bikes come from the factory for an average 145 lb rider and needs to be adjusted fro best ride and performance especially if riding with a passenger.
Most dealer do not adjust this so its left up to the rider to make sure they are adjusted correct.
ADJUSTS THE FOLLOWING Victory Motorcycle MODELS: Victory Motorcycle Vegas, Victory Motorcycle  Kingpin, Victory Motorcycle Hammer, Victory Judge, Victory Boardwalk, Victory Gunner, Victory Highball & Victory Motorcycle Jackpot (includes all 8-Ball, S, & Ness Versions)

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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