Oil Dipstick Polished


Billet polished Victory Motorcycle oil dipstick replacement for the stock OEM black plastic and hard to hard to see oil level dip stick.

This Custom made billet polished oil level indicator is easier to read the oil level than the stock piece.

We offer custom accessory parts for Victory Motorcycles and this is a great example for replacing the stock Victory Motorcycle oil dipstick.

Billet Aluminum Polished to a very nice quality finish to look good on a Chrome bike or a Blacked out 8 ball Victory.

Looks great against Victory motorcycle black engine or polished fins on a custom victory motorcycle.

Take out that less than attractive stock dipstick and replace it with this polished piece of art from Victory Only and Owens Cycle Works website for retail purchases or dealer wholesale orders for Victory’s parts.s!

This is not a cover for your stock dipstick.

The dipstick is machined from a solid chunk of billet aluminum then polished to a show quality finish and make it earlier to read with the oil color against the aluminum finish with level lines that are easy to read.

  • Easily replaces the unsightly stock stick, using the stock O-ring for installation
  • Dress up the right side of the Victory Motorcycle with this custom highly polished billet aluminum dipstick
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Oil Dipstick Polished Oil Dipstick Polished

polished victory motorcycle replacement oil dipstick victory motorcycle

polished victory motorcycle replacement oil dipstick victory motorcycle


Oil Dipstick Polished Victory Only Motorcycle carries the largest stock of performance mods, upgrades, custom equipment gear & apparel, OEM replacement and aftermarket parts & accessories for Victory Motorcycles with international worldwide shipping to Canada, Uk, CZ, GB, Australia and anywhere a Vicory Motorcycle rider wants to do it yourself customizing of a show quality bike.

Oil Dipstick Polished

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