2103-0016 Spark Plug NGK CPR6EB-9 (2 plugs) 2003 – 2007



2103-0016 Spark Plug NGK CPR6EB-9 (2 plugs) 2003 – 2007


Sold as set of 2
Fits most Victory 1500 & 1634 CC engines OEM Quality

Triple-Gasket Sealing Process Consistent Performance The workhorse, at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world.

Triple gasket sealing process virtually eliminates gas leakage past the shell.

Made from 99% pure alumina silicate, allowing for longer insulator noses for reduced fouling.
Kingpin Deluxe
Kingpin Ness Signature
Ness Signature Series Jackpot
Touring Cruiser
Vegas 8-Ball
Vegas Ness
Vegas Extreme
Vegas Jackpot
Vegas Ness Signature

Year Make Model
2003 Victory Cruiser Classic
2003 – 2006 Victory Cruiser Touring
2005 – 2007 Victory Hammer
2007 Victory Hammer S
2004 – 2007 Victory Kingpin
2005 Victory Kingpin Arlen Ness Signature Series
2004 – 2006 Victory Kingpin Deluxe
2007 Victory Kingpin Tour
2002 Victory V 92 C Deluxe
2002 Victory V 92 TC
2002 Victory V 92 TC Deluxe
2003 – 2007 Victory Vegas
2005 – 2007 Victory Vegas 8-ball
2004 – 2005 Victory Vegas Arlen Ness Signature Series

Fits: Victory Hammer, Victory Vegas, Victory 8ball, Victory 8 Ball, Victory 8-Ball, Victory V92TC, Victory Touring Cruiser, Victory Jackpot, Victory Kingpin

  • Victory Hammer, Hammer S, Hammer 8 Ball 2005-2007
  • Victory Jackpot, Jackpot Ness 2006-2007
  • Victory Kingpin, Kingpin Tour, Kingpin 8, Ball Kingpin Low 2004-2007
  • Victory Vegas, Vegas 8 Ball, Vegas Low, Vegas Ness 2003-2007
Center Electrode Projection Projected
Center Electrode Type Standard
Electrical Resistance 5k Ohms
Electrode Tip Material Nickel Alloy
Ground Electrode Configuration Single
Ground Electrode Shape Standard
Heat Range 6
Hex Size Imperial 5/8″
Hex Size Metric 16 mm
Model Standard
Product Name Spark Plug
Riding Style Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport,ATV,Offroad,Snow,Street,UTV,Watercraft
Spark Gap 0,9 mm,0,9 mm (0.035″)
Spark Gap Imperial 0.035″
Spark Gap Metric 0.9 mm
Style CPR6EB-9
Terminal Configuration Solid Terminal
Thread Reach Imperial 3/4″
Thread Reach Metric 19.1 mm
Type Resistor Type


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2103-0016 Spark Plug NGK CPR6EB-9 (2 plugs) 2003 – 2007

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